Sunday, November 28, 2010

What aDay!

Still waiting for my deadly date!


It's killing me!
Time is running slow.


Half of my blood is stuck on my brain!
I can't stop thinking about dat damn DSLR camera....!
and I can't stop babbling about dat whole week.!

(This one is not my hand-art)

My first Try!
Damn Ugly!
Shaking hand and blurrr images!

And I satisfied with this one. :P
And now,
May I smile wide..

Gear > Nikon D5000 *Asyraff
Location > Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu
Date > Unrecognized (The day before Aid'ul Fitri)
Follower > Ira, kachik, asyraff and Me...!

Friday, November 26, 2010

I burst into idea.

Keep thinking about the special name for my obsession on gear, lens, camera and mostly on photography. By surfing thought the net, asking fellow friend and family. Its gone crazy finding the right name for that. 

All of sudden, I was attracted by LENS and ARDOR. Which bring such a great meaning to me. Just me! 

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Lens is a part of camera, 
Mr. Wiki said LENS is a part of eye. 
Which mean, thru the lens, I see. 
By snapping, I shared! 

[Owh. That one come from me] *Wink*

I don't think people may ask many question about lens. Because most of photographer were using LENS, PHOTO etc for such main entry / thing about photography world.

Next part of me, ARDOR.

According to Mr. G.Translate, ARDOR brings the meaning of 'SEMANGAT' in Malay, or spirit, passion, fire, momentum, life etc. 

But according to Mrs. FreeDictionary, its a fiery intensity of feeling. 

And Mr Thesaurus,  which means intense feeling of love.

Somehow, I realize that the word sound just like adorable! :)

When I combine those two word, 
it bring the meaning,
How passionate am I,
How the fire burning the spirit in me. 
I love photography!
I'm Obsessed....!
Owh Please, its like hysteria,
For photography world!

Stop BABBLING....! i hate it girl.

Hari demi hari,
Menanti berlalunya waktu.
Rupanya lagi enam hari,
DSLR menjadi milikku.!